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CIP-Consulting offers essential planning products and services to protect communities, businesses, local and regional governments from unexpected hazards and disruptive events. While some disasters are unavoidable, such as naturally occurring weather events, earthquakes, and wildfires, others can be prevented, and all can be mitigated in their potential effects (human, physical, and economic). Yet many businesses today have no plan for maintaining business continuity in the event of a disaster and risk significant financial losses in the event of a large or prolonged disruption.

Effective planning for disaster mitigation and response includes risk assessment and the development of continuity of operation plans as well as effective protection and mitigation measures. Compelling business case strategies such as the deployment of dual-use technologies that provide security and also increase efficiencies or earning potential can justify the investment and offset expenses to the “bottom line”. 

CIP-Consulting provides analytical assessments of complicated interdependencies that may exist in lines of supply and essential service infrastructures or that impact availability of a viable workforce. CIP-Consulting has the expertise needed to analyze risk, propose mitigations, develop business plans, and work with you in developing an effective business security posture.

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